Signs of an abusive relationship


Abusive relationships are an increasingly prevalent problem in today’s age. These relationships appear in a variety of forms, and unfortunately it’s even not always easy to spot.

Often times, young people who are new to the dating world can be very naive, and they want to believe that everyone has the best intentions. Abusers take advantage of that and will appear to be exactly what you are looking for.

Watch out for these 6 signs of an abusive relationship:

Extreme Jealousy
Jealousy is very common in any relationship. However, a potential abuser will take jealousy to a whole new level. They won’t just get jealous of you for being close with someone of the opposite sex, but they will get jealous over things you cannot control such as who you go to school with, where you work, and other minute details of your life. An abuser’s jealousy routes from their lack of self confidence and low self-steem. This kind of extreme jealousy leads into our next sign.

Over Controlling

An abuser’s jealousy often leads them to becoming very controlling. An abuser will typically want to control almost every detail of your life from what you wear to who you talk to. Don’t get me wrong, your significant other does have a right to comment on how you live your life. Has your best friend every said it? Would you ever comment on it?  Try not to confuse the advice of a true friend would give you from the misguided advice that an over-controlling abuser would give.

Mood Swings

An abusive person will generally be emotionally unstable and will therefore go through many mood swings. They may be having a good time and enjoying the moment with you when suddenly something insignificant happens that causes them to snap. They could seem incredibly angry over the smallest of detail or they could even seem slightly depressed in a matter of seconds. Intense mood swings could be a sign that your significant other has abusive qualities.

Verbally Cruel

One of the most obvious signs of an abusive relationship is verbal abusive.  When your significant other is constantly trying to tear you down with the words that they say, then this is a sure sign that they are abusive. While in an argument, we have all said something that we regret. A verbally abusive person won’t just say one thing that they regret, but they will repeatedly say things to hurt your feelings in an aggressive way.

Physically Aggressive

If your significant other ever physically harms you, then you need to get out of that situation immediately.  Physical abusers often start off small by giving you a light shove during a fight or by twisting your arm to get you to come their way.   These small infractions could potentially lead to a full on physical attack in the future.  Take these action as a warning sign for what’s to come.

Insincerely Apologetic

After an abusive person makes an offense, they will often be very repentant. They will excessively apologize, and they will probably try to buy you something to make you feel better about the offense. An abuser will probably repeatedly tell you that this won’t happen again, but you unfortunately cannot afford to take their word for it.

If any of these warning signs seem applicable to your current relationship, then I strongly advice that you seek help right away. Don’t let these signs go unnoticed, or your life could be at-risk.